Saturday, 4 August 2018

Rate Conversion of your Video- An Integral part of your Marketing Campaign

Videos are soon becoming an integral part of your overall marketing campaign. Studies reveal that leading marketers surveyed worldwide over social channels and live events show an increase in the use of videos either uploaded to the company website or circulated through social channels like You Tube. It has also revealed freshly brewed statistics on the fact that using video requires 37% fewer unique site visits to generate marketing response or raw unqualified leads. In regards to businesses, another recent survey revealed that explainer video was ranked as the most reviewed type of content during the buying decision process.

According to many B2C Content Marketer, “You will have to have an emotional bonding with customers and eventually try putting into use the resources for a steady and successful marketing campaign. The next main factor is the visual appeal that a video creates for substantial conversion rates to come to your kitty. 80% people remember what they see and visual experience is the most trusted means of communication. Business marketing videos are backed by compelling storytelling and then bringing the product into light with the use of well thought off animated graphics, visuals and thought provoking promotional voice over. Explainer videos give corporate exposure to your business and play a pivotal role in generating more ROI.

The Performance of your Script

Your video should speak for itself and a well written script is the basic foundation on which the success of the video depends a lot. A script is essential to give a specific voice to your explainer video so that it can speak for itself for successive leads. Such sales materials are full of catchy content backed by amazing facts or a storyline with product description as the main content. It is the voice over that counts and you can get it recorded by a voice over artist and integrate into the corporate explainer video

The script should have a conclusion which should not be an overtly sales based message but should leave a great impact on the viewer so that he could close the deal and accelerate the sales meter. Find out a definitive takeaway through an impactful script that should speak for itself and build up heavy on your conversion rates. 

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Channelize your Business and Make Profit through Business Explainer Videos

You have a corporate website functional which is going in parallel with your sales effort. It is good to have promotional techniques working for you. It is preferable to consider the selling technique that should click while going promotional with your product. If you are into a business and want to increase its viewership, one sound advice would be to create business explainer videos that sell. The online viewership has shown a considerable increase within a period of time since video was used as a medium to promote. The World Wide Web will help you succeed. 

A domain that represents your services and a website that will make your business live and happening should also have a video that says it all about the product, its unique attributes and how to reach to the service provider. If a website has a video with 3D visualization or perhaps a 360 view video which is designed properly and looks attractive and also has a corporate explainer video then there will be more visits to it and hence communicating the website’s message will be more feasible.
Coming up with a website is a good idea and one big step towards giving your business the acclaim it deserves. Web development relates to a comprehensive set of tasks which works in liaison with what the client needs and this should now go in liaison with video production company and implementing explainer videos or a 3D visualization video to your website.  The development process involves non-design elements like markup, coding and content management system. 

To put forth the proposed sales pitch in the most interactive manner, there is a concept that uses the innovative method of storytelling. It is the explainer video we are referring here that also puts into use voice over technology that gives information on product and services and highlights the unique traits through animation and info graphics. Answers the frequently asked questions arising in the customer’s mind. Promotes a product launch and maximize leads. Enhances search engine marketing efforts. 

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Online Videos can do the Trick with Rapid Increase in Website Traffic

Online video has literally exploded during the last 5 years, with YouTube reporting that states- “Mobile video increases by 100% every year. Every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to individual corporate websites. Within another year, video will account for 70% of all Internet traffic, according to recent studies. By 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic.”

Is there a need of a storyline? Yes why not? The motion graphic you use should very well fit in with the storyline and you must pay heed to it to avoid going off-track and drift from the actual promotion that you intend to do. Some corporate explainer videos enhance the performance of the video with the use of kinetic typography and motion graphic, plus the consistently smooth background music, helps viewers focus more on the content of the video.

Online videos with a lot of info graphics are especially true for social, where you’re trying to stand out in a feed. (It’s also more likely to get you published, as publishers are always looking for A-plus visual content to enhance their own editorial mix.) If you explainer video to be serious and professional instead of humorous or entertaining, then infographic animation is the best way to do so. Infographics present complex information in a simple and easy to understand way. Marketers believe that infographics are an increasing trend in the online marketing industry and are here to stay. After all, they condense the sixty minute presentation to a sixty seconds video.

One important thing to note is that Infographic videos don’t rely on characters or storylines. They can spend the entire time of the video with a particular focus on the product or service. This makes the messaging much more direct and also allows viewers to focus their attention on the brand without any distraction. Info graphics look professional and there’s no better way than a nice infographic to create your brand identity. When you convey information about your company through an infographic video, you appear professional and people take your brand seriously.

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Monday, 18 June 2018

Strategies that Help in Video Marketing

As per YouTube records, 2019 will witness 80% increase in global consumer internet video. Mobile video increases by 100% every year. Every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to the site. Within one year online video has literally exploded during the last 5 years.

This clearly means that any marketing strategy which is bereft of video content marketing is devoid of one of the most powerful ways to market your product or service. Video marketing has the potential and inherent ability to capture and hold a consumer's attention. The impact of video marketing is longer than the visit time in website of people reading a text or viewing image.

Your video should do the talking for you to your potential audience at large. You should be ruminating on the fact that your video creation should be in verbal terms with your audience. Your audience will not directly communicate but the video that they are watching should communicate with the mind that is asking questions and the corporate video production should be able to answer their queries.

Silver Bazel pays heed to the essentials of video marketing. The make videos along with interactive animation used at the right places along with catchy and ‘to the point’ texts. Silver Bazel has a team that makes it a point, that all important elements are added. The explainer video in Delhi NCR will have a voice over with concise and effective content and the animations that give life to the characters relevant to the video storyline. To know more or watch some of the videos in the portfolio section, visit at or call at (+91) 8881 380 380.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Explainer Videos are Communicative – A Tool that Makes it Right

Did you know that in the next 5 years interactive explainer videos are poised to become a tool to communicate with customers? Explainer Videos are ideal options to get maximum clicks. Silver Bazel carefully assimilates information to create an explainer video that communicates well with the audience. The Silver Bazel team will give the edge it needs through captivating storyline in the form of voice over, amazing graphical elements and animated effects.

Then why waste money on promotional activities that involve a lot of paper work and publication cost. Explainer video is the creative use of moving objects in a visual format, followed by an entertaining overview of the ‘who’, ‘what’ & ‘why’ of your business. Silver Bazel is your resort to attention grabbing content, assimilated in the most innovative manner through Explainer video presentations.

The Who, What and Why matters, which should have the answers to prove the efficacy of a video and right from the first frame to the Call to Action make sure you include the essential elements explaining and giving answers to the questions as mentioned above. This therefore requires you to go ahead and create an impactful video with the best features of your product highlighted in the most appealing manner and how it fulfills itself to answer the potential questions. These questions are anticipated to be in the minds of whosoever watches the business explainer video.  This can be done through both motion graphics animation and info graphic.

Then, why lag behind? Get corporate explainer videos for your business to give your product the promotional edge it needs which will make it distinct from what your competitors have to offer. Silver Bazel caters to explainer video creation through extensive use of 2D, 3D and whiteboard animation. For more detailed insights call at 8881 380 380 or visit at 

Monday, 21 May 2018

Make your Sales Promotion Responsive with Product Explainer Videos

The research on the responsiveness of viewers after visiting a website reveals that time duration of 10 to 20 seconds is just enough to catch attention or otherwise get distracted and resort to other interesting website. The research points out those product explainer videos that understand the very need to add interactive elements and work on the sales pitch which is concise and has the required amount of animation in it.

We are into a world which is bound by time limits. There is hardly any scope for things other than those that matter. Why not incorporate an corporate explainer video to make things easy? Add some innovation into the way your sales pitch is relayed to the audience.

The idea is to incorporate something so that people find time to view your business promotion material. Adding a story and relating to the audience is a must and an business explainer video works on the set guidelines where the audience gets to relate with a problem which might be the problem of their lives and then is offered with solutions in the video itself. This will therefore make the audience interested enough to watch the entire explainer video.

Creating a video is not a big thing today but making it appealing and talk for its brand is what matters. The product attributes should go hand in hand telling much about the intent of the video and its very purpose for which it has been painstakingly made. Your corporate explainer videos should carefully incorporate, not too showy designs but have an equally precise amount of images that does justice to the promotional agenda.

Explainer videos give your promotional efforts the interactive look it deserves to generate maximum benefits. It breaks the usual monotony and because of this reason we have an explainer video company known as Silver Bazel that caters to video creation solution and animation services. To know more and avail the explainer video creation service call at (+91) 8881 380 380  or send e-mail for queries and suggestions at Visit the company website at

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Video Engagement is better – Some Metrics to Prove it Right

Experts are of the opinion that one should analyze the key metrics. Video marketing leverage business promotion and make a company popular. There were around 600 marketers agreeing to the fact that around 90% marketers are using video in their campaigns and a promotional explainer video has a positive impact on their business increasing their conversion rates to 80% than what it was earlier. 

Any business endeavor can get world wide acclaim through promotional videos by putting into use right promotional strategies used at the right time. A recent survey reveals some amazing facts on how audience  engagement is essential for a videos success. 

How can you define audience engagement? 

According to Jason Allan Scott, author of the best selling ‘Entrepreneur Series’ of books- “Engagement is the attendee of the event doing the thing you want them to do. A piece of engaging content in a video, therefore, is something that successfully inspires the action it was designed to instigate; but secondly it is also about what the attendee wants and what they walk away with after the video is over.”

However the definition differs from person to person, but there are two strong points to note audience engagement is inspirational so that the action that is expected from the audience is taken forward and the second is that the engagement of the audience depends upon the correlation of the video content to what the audience want and what they get to see till the end of the video. 

Metrics that Prove it Better

A recent quote makes it further more evident that engagement has to happen within the first 10 seconds of watching a video. Even a gold fish has more attention span that human which means human attention span is on the lesser side and therefore this makes it more challenging for business to aggravate sales through promotional methods. Videos however help business meet this challenge of engaging audience attention through an exciting storyline, reliable information, and info graphics and through motion graphic animation. 

For an explainer video to generate optimum results, audience engagement is something which matters a lot. The publishing world whether it relates to print media, social media or company website, keeping the audience engaged throughout the active session of website visit was mandatory. Here the need of the hour would be to carefully analyze the factors or key metrics that will help in capturing interest and involvement of the viewer. Such viewers can then become future customers to the business enterprise that is being promoted. 
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