Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Five Essential Traits of Whiteboard Animation in Explainer Videos

Whiteboard animation for videos is one of the most viable and economical methods used to do advertisement and bring out the sales pitch in the most effective manner. Whiteboard do not encourage fluff and therefore are regarded more realistic in nature.

There are five essential traits of whiteboard animation:-

Animation that is Entertaining

Before finalizing any video, the animator has to ascertain the level at which it provides entertainment to the viewers. The animation industry clings on the fact that the viewer needs entertainment and at the same time a message is being conveyed to him. Whiteboard explainer video stand as a source of entertainment, the moment the animation starts with the sketching until the final character is drawn over a whiteboard. This stands as something which will entertain the viewers.

Greater Flexibility to Market it

Whiteboard animated explainer videos are flexible and adaptive to whatever the subject line or the topic of concentration stands to be. It means that any topic can mould in beautifully with the help of a powerful story line and voice over.

Help Channelize Audience Attention

Due to its creative method of relaying the message through sketching on whiteboard, this animation technique can grab viewer attention by showcasing the art of drawing and writing done through hand motion and is animated accordingly.

Can Narrate a Powerful Message

Narratives are most often ignored for their lengthiness but with whiteboard animation in explainer video, each and every detail of the story is carefully watched for because of its interactive presentation technique.

Properly Explains the Call to Action

The Call to Action (CTA) can turn the sales tide towards you and it is most effective in whiteboard animation. Whiteboard animation can become specific with the ‘Call to Action’ through whiteboard sketching where the message is clearly sent forward through visually appealing drawings and powerful catchy texts.

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Importance of ‘Call to Action’ in Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are making an impact into the world of business promotion with its unique way of storytelling. With the advent of motion graphics and whiteboard animation, explainer videos very well adapt the concept of animation which is inter-mingled with intellectual content meant for the target audience. The next important thing is to add an effective ‘Call to Action’ part which usually comes at the end of the video and is regarded as the most crucial and conclusive part.
Companies like Vimeo use, short length 20 second teasers of most happening corporate videos created by them. These videos are posted in Facebook each month and have enough clickable material, for the clicks to come and incite the viewers to stick to the video. This is a very well thought off strategy, of using short renditions of otherwise long videos, keeping the audience engaged so that they can relate to the CTA at the end.
How to Include 'Call to Action' (CTA)
CTA’s have the capability to drive your potential audience into becoming your business clients. You can include an effective CTA through different ways, to make the audience go for the product and services.
Here are some ways to include ‘Call to Action’ (CTA’s) in videos:-
  • A share button can do the trick and make your videos viral in a snap of time. Implement one and see it do wonders within your ‘Call to Action’ section.
  • Put links targeting your business, which will make it easy for the customer to pay a visit to the website and become ultimate user of your products and services.
  • Clickable annotation towards the end of the textual part of the video or in the contact us frame will help drive traffic to your website.
‘Call to Actions’ can therefore, make the viewer stick to the video and achieve a rate of response from him.

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Monday, 1 May 2017

Explainer Videos – Are you measuring your Videos Success?

Explainer Videos are soon becoming an integral part of video marketing strategy that goes viral in a quick span of time. You have very well spent a considerable amount of time and money in creating a Video and have uploaded it online. Your work does not end there. According to you, your explainer video is bound to do well but what lies next is an effort to analyze how well it is generating returns. It is about measuring the key metrics.

Analyzing the Viral Statistics

It is not just about looking at the number of likes and shares you get through social media exposure, there is more to it. Analysis of how your video is doing once it goes viral, acts as a determinant towards your videos success. Are people watching it? Are they watching the explainer video for leisure or they are serious buyers? Are they watching the entire video or following the ‘Call to Action’? These are questions that should be answered justifiably.

The Reach

How fast is the video catching attention is something often ignored after the video is uploaded but a periodic check on it can serve helpful in analyzing that whether the video is doing fine or need a revamped version. Are people watching it and how are they making attempts to reach out for the product that is being promoted? The traffic to the page and the number of plays and views to the video is another key factor to concentrate upon.

Social Media Insights

Uploading your explainer video in Facebook business page or creating a YouTube channel is another key determinant towards making a video popular so as to generate higher returns. After uploading a video to the YouTube channel or Facebook page check for the key metrics that best describe the performance of the video. The right hand corner just where the Video play screen is present we can see the likes and dislikes to the video and a click on the analytics tab will direct you to the page that has all the information including the graph showing maximum clicks and the point of origin of such clicks.

Effect on Conversion

Explainer videos have the potential and regarded good option to increase conversion by 25%. This is possible only when video viewers are complying with the call to action (CTA) process. It can be things like ‘share video’, ‘signing up to newsletter’ ‘Subscribe to Video’ or ‘E-mail Us’. Make sure the video is engaging enough to keep the audience attention intact till they reach the Call to Action video frame.

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