Friday, 23 March 2018

Product Explainer Videos- Looks into the Customer’s Point of View

We have experts talking about best product explainer videos and agreeing to the fact that Explainer videos grab much of the attention and most importantly explainer videos takes into account the problems faced by the customer who will actually be enjoying the benefit of the product and how it can be the possible solutions to all their worries. Video marketing help in emphasizing the sales pitch and actually relate to the customer’s problem. In this way explainer videos in Delhi NCR serve as the best B2C solution that promoted your company services to the right channel.

if the sales pitch explains the essentials of the company product and its services. The basic aspect that we can relate to is the ‘Power to Explain’. How to explain? Explanation can be in long paragraphs that describe your company and the service it caters to but this is something websites no longer have and neither are they interested. Webmasters need something which is visually attractive, interesting and well explained in the most thoughtful manner.

There has to be something relevant in the form of a storyline and also the voice over that interacts with the audience and helps them make decisions. Scripts are the foundation and it should have elements that clearly explain the company’s effort and motive behind introducing their value added product and how the audience will benefit out of it. It is the crux of an explainer video without which animated explainer video creation becomes a simple waste of time. Incorporate a voice over script and add much needed edge to your video.

Corporate Explainer videos are best problem solvers to create a benchmark that is needed for your sales pitch and to make it possible you need the ideal explainer video in Delhi NCR. Silver Bazel is the ideal choice and is an explainer video company based in Noida, the technical hub. For more insights on how to get the service call at (+91) 8881 380 380 or email at

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Let your Explainer Video Do the Talking for you

Did you know that in the next 5 years interactive explainer video is poised to become the single most powerful tool to communicate with customers? Explainer Videos are ideal options to get maximum clicks. Silver Bazel carefully assimilates information to create an explainer video that communicates well with the audience. The Silver Bazel team will give the edge it needs through captivating storyline in the form of voice over, amazing graphical elements and animated effects.

Then why waste money on promotional activities that involve a lot of paper work and publication cost. Explainer video is the creative use of moving objects in a visual format, followed by an entertaining overview of the ‘who’, ‘what’ & ‘why’ of your business. Silver Bazel is your resort to attention grabbing content, assimilated in the most innovative manner through Explainer video presentations.

The Who, What and Why matters, which should have the answers to prove the efficacy of a video and right from the first frame to the Call to Action make sure you include the essential elements explaining and giving answers to the questions as mentioned above. This therefore requires you to go ahead and create an impact business explainer video.  This can be done through both motion graphics animation and info graphic.

ful video with the best features of your product highlighted in the most appealing manner and how it fulfills itself to answer the potential questions. These questions are anticipated to be in the minds of whosoever watches the

Then, why lag behind? Get corporate explainer videos for your business to give your product the promotional edge it needs which will make it distinct from what your competitors have to offer. Silver Bazel caters to explainer video creation through extensive use of 2D, 3D and whiteboard animation. For more detailed insights call at 8881 380 380 or watch out for more videos at

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Business Explainer Videos -Go Viral with a Difference

Companies take every possible measure to promote their business and are now using video creation services as one proven technique for lead generation and better marketing with brand promotion. Get into the habit of going deeper into things before accepting the reality which can be superficial at times. Going viral with just the uploading of explainer videos and promotion material is not enough. Know more from the points given below:-

Social Media Insights

Each and every Facebook post that you make does not end the story there itself. The image or video posting get visibility and also get likes and shares. But there is more to it, which leads you to the insights page where you can get the status of where your video stands and how it is doing after going viral. You can check for views coming for the video, country from where we can see maximum visitors to the video and other actionable statistics and keep changing depending on the number of views and likes. Uploading your explainer video in Facebook business page or creating a YouTube channel is therefore, the key determinant towards making a video popular so as to generate higher returns.

Every Conversion Counts

Conversion matters and we are very well of the fact that video marketing sees a 25% more conversion rate than any other medium. This therefore requires you to go ahead and create an impactful video with the best features of your product highlighted in the most appealing manner. This can be done through both motion graphics animation and info graphic if done in the most tactful manner so as to promote business and bring you leads. You can make the CTA call for more business to you by adding stuff like ‘subscribe’, ‘Sign In’ and ‘e-mail’.

Explainer Videos are ideal options today to get maximum clicks to the company website of your business. Whether a startup or established business explainer video are must for effective brand promotion.  Silver Bazel is into creating captivating explainer videos that targets your potential market. Contact on +91 8881 380 380 to get an instant quote today. Have something to ask? Please e-mail at

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

How to measure your Explainer Videos Performance?

People are prone to short attention spans and looking into this it becomes crucial to have something engaging to induce them to buy the product that is being promoted.

How do you measure a video’s performance? After you upload your explainer video in YouTube or other channels the next important thing is to make certain how well your video is doing on the charts and how well it reflects user interaction to the optimum level.

The person, who uploads the explainer video, needs to gather information from the statistics available on the performance of the video. Based on that information you should optimize your video both the past and future ones.

Audience Reach

Watching out for the views is the first and foremost thing to do after you have successfully uploaded your video. By reach we mean, reaching the right audience by keeping a check on the target demographics and also watching out for the total no of views and the percentage of it.

The YouTube Graph

The graph that YouTube provides relay to us data like –1) When the viewer drops off at which section. 2) Analyze the content like what exactly is making the audience leave your video midway and 3) what it is about the video that is causing people to abandon the content and leave. You will probably learn on certain things like use of word or prolonged video timing that is the reason for it.

The Subscriber’s Count

The person posting the video should analyze it with regard to the number of subscribers who are looking forward to more updates in your YouTube channel and check the most likable of them all. You can also view the complete list and also from which country they belong including their date of joining the subscriber’s list.

With these quality checks on the performance of your video upload, you will surely be making higher claims with the video returns and will be able to analyze the video statistics in a better manner.

Silver Bazel fulfills the unexpected with what it counts in a video and they ensure you have the right sales material working for you. To know more visit at or call at 8881 380 380 . Email us further at