Monday, 23 January 2017

Web Video Production

A successful video production strategy demands a well-defined Internet strategy.
Silver Bazel, Noida has an unmatched understanding of how the Internet has transformed the way individuals and businesses consume video content.

Knowing how your content is going to be viewed—the technical, environmental, and behavioral considerations—has a critical impact on how the video is edited, produced and optimized.

It must include mobile and tablet deployment as well, since most businesses are now leveraging these devices. Few video production companies offer our level of sophistication and know-how.

We consider various key factors when we embark on any new project:

• Where will these videos be viewed? Cell phone? Desktop? Tablet?
• Will the creative execution and approach be applicable to these platforms?
• How will this effect the message and the tone?
• Will multiple versions need to be created? How many? For which platform?
• What are the technical considerations, such as the operating systems? Browser type? Device type? Content streaming issues?
• How do we ensure the most seamless and smoothest viewing experience?
• How do the videos need to be formatted and coded?
• Who are the viewers? What is the corporate deployment strategy?

No creative or production decision is made until we determine these factors and fully understand what role the Internet is going to play in the final production.

Viral Videos

A growing trend is to develop viral videos: a video content that is quickly and immediately accepted and shared by a large population of users. While viral growth cannot always be predicted, Silver Bazel has successfully launched videos with viewing records that still stand today.

Gaining this kind of mass popularity can be a boon for businesses looking for brand awareness or identity. Silver Bazel has become a thought leader in replicating the best possible environments for a viral video to occur. When it’s applicable for the given business goals, we apply the best practices to the development of a video so it is optimal for a viral event.

Sharing on Social Media Platforms

Merging our video development expertise with today’s new social media disciplines is another key differentiator that Silver Bazel offers. In an ever-changing world of content consumption, it is critical to understand how your videos will be applicable to sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our clients see a greater return on investment, knowing that Silver Bazel provides a comprehensive understanding of video delivery across all of today’s emerging content platforms.


The Internet offers a far more durable means of measuring success. Performance analytics offer multiple benefits to our clients, and our fluency with these tools delivers another layer of return on investment:

• Measure local, regional, national, and international impact.
• Integrate video views toward Google rankings for any initiatives in SEO (search engine optimization).
• Measure spikes in customer interaction.
• Measure customer website retention.
• Increased engagement time on corporate websites.
• Calculate conversion rates related to video views.

Silver Bazel understands web video best practices and ensures that your production will be designed to attain maximum impact across all web-based platforms.

Do you need a video that communicates with the public with the maximum return on investment? Let SilverBazel provide the solution.

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Sales & Marketing Video Production

Videos can be used as a perfect tool to assist with both sales and marketing for your company or organization. At Silver Bazel, we have produced many sales and marketing videos for many businesses and companies throughout the country. Sales and marketing videos can help to convey value proposition more effectively, create credibility and generate desire for a company’s products or services.

Silver Bazel has been creating powerful sales and marketing videos for a long time. Whether you need a short 30-second piece or a 30-minute in-depth presentation, Silver Bazel can provide just what you need to create a high quality, high impact sales and marketing video.

A sales video can act like a 24-hour salesperson, working 365 days, selling to customers worldwide. It could be a powerful tool that will give your company the ability to present your products and services to potential customers, while demonstrating your facility’s operations and capabilities to the customer.

A professional sales video can leave a long-lasting impression and help your salespeople close more sales. Marketing videos can act as a flexible sales tool to add to your marketing mix to increase customer’s knowledge, leads and sales.

Concept to Completion
These days many companies are using an advertising agency to handle the creative aspects of their sales and marketing videos, but Silver Bazel’s creative services can also help you with any part of the process in creating your sales and marketing videos. Silver Bazel can provide writers, sketch artists, graphic artists and animators to help you develop your sales and marketing videos.

Full Service Video Production Facility
Our expert team has the most experienced and professional artists in Delhi NCR. Their years of experience in the industry, combined with the latest production gear and techniques, allow us to provide you with unrivaled production quality.

Silver Bazel can be your partner in producing compelling sales and marketing videos that come to life. Whether this is your first production experience or you are a seasoned veteran, our team will help make the experience rewarding and enjoyable.

We welcome you to check out our portfolio to see what we have achieved for other clients just like you, then give us a call or fill out our simple enquiry form and one of our friendly staff will contact you to discuss the creation of your new sales and marketing video.

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Friday, 20 January 2017

4 signs your company needs promotional videos

In the vast world of marketing, a video is a tool you have probably thought about using at least once or twice. Video has quickly become one of the best ways to reach the audience, at the right time, with a message that matters to them – and that’s why video marketing has become so popular these days.
According to the most recent statistics, consumers are 64% more likely to buy a product online after watching its promotional video. When it comes to audience, the appetite for video only continues to grow: YouTube reports a 100% increase in mobile consumption with every passing year.
But even with all these impressive statistics, people are sometimes hesitant and wonder if the video is truly something they need. So how do you know when it’s the high time to take the plunge and give video marketing a try? Here are the 4 signs to know when you really need a promotional video for your company!

1. When your sales are down

When your website and other marketing channels are lacking the videos, you are losing potential clients and therefore your sales too. A video has become the number 1 communication and marketing tool, especially when it comes to targeting mobile users. Video is essentially necessary for online sales, to the point where it becomes expected by consumers.
It is reported that 50% of CEOs will seek out more information about a company or an organization after watching a video and 65% of executives will visit a marketer’s website after viewing it. The power, video has to increase sales is overwhelming. These days, if you don’t offer a video, people will simply look for a website or a platform that does.

2. When your website has a high bounce rate

The need for increased sales may be a sign that you need to give promotional videos a shot. However, what many business owners don’t understand is the need to capture a target audience quickly. This is precisely what a video does so well. When your customers are looking for a product or a service online, most of them will start with a keyword search, see a link to a homepage, and click the link.
If there is no video to welcome them to your home page, then there’s usually a big block of text in its place. When a potential client is in that early introduction stage, they may be willing to invest a few minutes in watching a video. The same can’t be said for reading text. This is the moment where you need to instill confidence in your audience about your product or services – it’s the time to “knock their socks off.”

3. You aren’t connecting with your customers
The need to truly woo your target audience leads us into our next point: you need to take the human approach and make a personal connection with your audience.
If someone is checking out your website, they want a proper introduction and to feel right away that they can trust you. A short “About Us” video accomplishes this in a matter of minutes because it makes that human connection. It’s easy to show your audience who you really are through a video and it’s the best way to showcase your personality.
A good video marketing company knows how to capture that human aspect of your business. They will be able to bring out the passion of yours, what it is you crave and translate this into a captivating video. The video, in essence, always comes back to people and must focus on the human connection in order to attract viewers successfully.

4. You aren’t reaching your target audience
So perhaps you have a blog about your company and that’s a great start.
However, when you invest in video, you can use that same video over and over again. Email marketing, presentations, social media feeds, press releases, conferences and trade shows are all excellent examples of usages for your video. You’re taking your investment and distributing it across 10-15 different platforms, which are essentially giving yourself 15 more ways to make money.
Are you still unsure about the video? That’s OK. We suggest you to do a lot of research, contact some marketing professionals and chat with your friends & family to find out how much video they are watching. The answer may surprise you!

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Website Design and SEO Services

Web Design Services

Silver Bazel offers world class interactive website design services in Delhi NCR, to give your business a significant boost and help you forge ahead in a highly competitive world. Our expert programmers use various open source as well as closed source technologies to create rapid, responsive, feature rich, interactive websites that become a platform for interaction with customers, buyers and between the staff, helping you boost efficiencies and increase productivity as well as enhance your image.

SEO Services

Now-a-days, you are falling behind if you are offline, as the world is moving faster towards the digital society. In such an environment a business online presence is more important than ever. But do you think simply creating and launching a website for your business is enough? Absolutely not! Website promotion services are also very important for a website to get on the first page on search engine result pages. In order to receive search engines and web user’s attention, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is imperative as it not just offers a great and flawless user experience rather creates relevant content and gets the attention of search engines.

Why is SEO important for your business?

Search engines serve millions of web users per day looking for answers to their questions and if your website is not optimized professionally as per the search engine’s requirements your website may lose ranking in search engine results page. Here, the necessity of SEO services come into play, under which a website is optimized for search engines and thus improve their search engine rankings.
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Saturday, 14 January 2017

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Explainer Video?

Now-a-days explainer videos have become a vital marketing tool for any company. But, what makes these animated explainer videos the latest marketing trend? What’s their secret? Today we’ll give you 5 indisputable reasons why your company needs one. Keep reading to find out!

Easy to Understand
An Explainer Video is very easy to understand for your viewers. As compared with the text materials, a video is five times more effective. People easily remember things they watch instead of the things they read.

Improves Conversion Rates
If implemented properly, an Explainer Video can greatly improve conversion rates. With just text visitors after minutes of reading, haven’t reached the main point yet will eventually go away. But with the help of an explainer video, since it is easy to understand and is short people will reach the core point immediately and thus increase the chance of them signing up or buying your product.

Fun, Interesting and Engaging
An explainer video uses fun elements that make them really interesting to the viewers. At first glance, your viewers would be hooked into the video and they would watch from start to finish. It captures the heart of your viewers that makes them really engaging.

Improves SEO
A website is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine results page, if it includes video. Having a high quality video for your website appeals to your visitors and thus appeals to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing also. 80% of your online visitors will watch a video while only 20 percent will actually read content.

More Social
Because explainer videos are fun to watch and are informative at the same time people would want to share their discovery with their friends and with today’s internet world it has never been easier. It’s very easy to share these videos on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media sites.
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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Types of Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are 60 seconds videos use to show all the services of a company in a single click. If a company gives the details of its services or its product’s description in text form, viewers find it quite boring whereas explainer videos are very entertaining which are more understandable as compare to text.

There are three types of explainer videos:
·         Character Animation Videos: The animated videos which have animated characters as the actors or actresses of a movie are Character Animation Videos. The animator of these videos brings life to his/her animated character and creates a vast illusion of thought, emotion and personality.
·         Whiteboard Animation Videos: The process where a creative story and a storyboard with pictures, drawn on a whiteboard by artists who record themselves in the process of their artwork is Whiteboard Animation. It is used in advertising for TV and internet to communicate messages in an innovative and unique way.
·         Motion Graphic Animation Videos: Motion Graphic Video is a digitally animated footage which creates the illusion of motion or rotation combining with an audio. It is used for multimedia projects. Now-a-days visual media have an undeniable role in mentally guiding their audiences, and here, with the increasing role of modern media like TV, cinema, and internet, the role of motion graphics is also developing.

Silver Bazel, a company that provides explainer video services worldwide. We give one of the best explainer video services in Delhi NCR. We have a team who is consisting of very talented individuals which work with an aim of providing best services to our clients.
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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard Animations are videos that consist of simple illustrations drawn on a white background, also known as video scribes or animated doodling. This is a fantastic way to tell stories and communicate messages as the images come to life through the action of drawing.
This type of video helps viewers better understand and retain the message, idea or concept because it captures their attention and makes it hard to look away. These days you will find whiteboard animations everywhere, used by companies and organizations all over the world to persuade, educate and promote.
Silver Bazel, an explainer video company provides one of the best explainer video services in Delhi NCR. We have a team of professional experts which are well-trained in making these explainer videos eye catchy which can grab the attention of its audience in a single second.

Procedure of Whiteboard Animation Video

·    Project Kick Off: To start with, we want to know you a bit betterWe’ll talk about what you want your video to achieve, how long it needs to be and all those little details. Once we get to know what you’re looking for, we’ll proceed further.
·    Script Writing: The most important part of a project is the script. If you’re providing the finalized script, then all you have to do is send it to us. If you need us to write or edit any of the scripts for you, we have an optional script writing service as well. We’ll send you a draft script for approval or edit it until we’re both happy and ready to move on to the next level.
·    Storyboarding: The storyboard is the blueprint for a video. We’ll take the approved script and design the illustrations to strengthen and support the key messages. The storyboard will be a rough version of how your video will look like scene by scene. After this, we will launch into production.
·    Voice Over: The voice over adds the friendly human touch. You’re welcome to provide your own voice over for your video, but if you’re taking advantage of our service, we’ll record your voice over by our professional voice over artists.
·     Animation: This is where we breathe life into your video. We’ll finalize the illustrations, add colours if needed and put together the whole animation. The video will be carefully synchronized with the voice over and we’ll add a little background music also if needed.
·    Project Review: We save this time for tying up any loose end. Our clients are normally really happy with the first version of their video, but sometimes there are a couple of bits that need to be changed slightly, and that’s ok! If you’re completely happy with things as they are, just let us know and we’ll get the project wrapped up for you.
·     Final Delivery: Ready to start putting your video to use? When you let us know you are happy with the finished product, we’ll send you the download link for the video file in the format of your choice (normally mp4).

We would be really honored, if you could give us a chance and also leave us with an appreciated testimonial and pass our details on to your friends, colleagues and anyone else we could work with in the future.

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