Friday, 20 January 2017

4 signs your company needs promotional videos

In the vast world of marketing, a video is a tool you have probably thought about using at least once or twice. Video has quickly become one of the best ways to reach the audience, at the right time, with a message that matters to them – and that’s why video marketing has become so popular these days.
According to the most recent statistics, consumers are 64% more likely to buy a product online after watching its promotional video. When it comes to audience, the appetite for video only continues to grow: YouTube reports a 100% increase in mobile consumption with every passing year.
But even with all these impressive statistics, people are sometimes hesitant and wonder if the video is truly something they need. So how do you know when it’s the high time to take the plunge and give video marketing a try? Here are the 4 signs to know when you really need a promotional video for your company!

1. When your sales are down

When your website and other marketing channels are lacking the videos, you are losing potential clients and therefore your sales too. A video has become the number 1 communication and marketing tool, especially when it comes to targeting mobile users. Video is essentially necessary for online sales, to the point where it becomes expected by consumers.
It is reported that 50% of CEOs will seek out more information about a company or an organization after watching a video and 65% of executives will visit a marketer’s website after viewing it. The power, video has to increase sales is overwhelming. These days, if you don’t offer a video, people will simply look for a website or a platform that does.

2. When your website has a high bounce rate

The need for increased sales may be a sign that you need to give promotional videos a shot. However, what many business owners don’t understand is the need to capture a target audience quickly. This is precisely what a video does so well. When your customers are looking for a product or a service online, most of them will start with a keyword search, see a link to a homepage, and click the link.
If there is no video to welcome them to your home page, then there’s usually a big block of text in its place. When a potential client is in that early introduction stage, they may be willing to invest a few minutes in watching a video. The same can’t be said for reading text. This is the moment where you need to instill confidence in your audience about your product or services – it’s the time to “knock their socks off.”

3. You aren’t connecting with your customers
The need to truly woo your target audience leads us into our next point: you need to take the human approach and make a personal connection with your audience.
If someone is checking out your website, they want a proper introduction and to feel right away that they can trust you. A short “About Us” video accomplishes this in a matter of minutes because it makes that human connection. It’s easy to show your audience who you really are through a video and it’s the best way to showcase your personality.
A good video marketing company knows how to capture that human aspect of your business. They will be able to bring out the passion of yours, what it is you crave and translate this into a captivating video. The video, in essence, always comes back to people and must focus on the human connection in order to attract viewers successfully.

4. You aren’t reaching your target audience
So perhaps you have a blog about your company and that’s a great start.
However, when you invest in video, you can use that same video over and over again. Email marketing, presentations, social media feeds, press releases, conferences and trade shows are all excellent examples of usages for your video. You’re taking your investment and distributing it across 10-15 different platforms, which are essentially giving yourself 15 more ways to make money.
Are you still unsure about the video? That’s OK. We suggest you to do a lot of research, contact some marketing professionals and chat with your friends & family to find out how much video they are watching. The answer may surprise you!

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