Saturday, 7 January 2017

Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard Animations are videos that consist of simple illustrations drawn on a white background, also known as video scribes or animated doodling. This is a fantastic way to tell stories and communicate messages as the images come to life through the action of drawing.
This type of video helps viewers better understand and retain the message, idea or concept because it captures their attention and makes it hard to look away. These days you will find whiteboard animations everywhere, used by companies and organizations all over the world to persuade, educate and promote.
Silver Bazel, an explainer video company provides one of the best explainer video services in Delhi NCR. We have a team of professional experts which are well-trained in making these explainer videos eye catchy which can grab the attention of its audience in a single second.

Procedure of Whiteboard Animation Video

·    Project Kick Off: To start with, we want to know you a bit betterWe’ll talk about what you want your video to achieve, how long it needs to be and all those little details. Once we get to know what you’re looking for, we’ll proceed further.
·    Script Writing: The most important part of a project is the script. If you’re providing the finalized script, then all you have to do is send it to us. If you need us to write or edit any of the scripts for you, we have an optional script writing service as well. We’ll send you a draft script for approval or edit it until we’re both happy and ready to move on to the next level.
·    Storyboarding: The storyboard is the blueprint for a video. We’ll take the approved script and design the illustrations to strengthen and support the key messages. The storyboard will be a rough version of how your video will look like scene by scene. After this, we will launch into production.
·    Voice Over: The voice over adds the friendly human touch. You’re welcome to provide your own voice over for your video, but if you’re taking advantage of our service, we’ll record your voice over by our professional voice over artists.
·     Animation: This is where we breathe life into your video. We’ll finalize the illustrations, add colours if needed and put together the whole animation. The video will be carefully synchronized with the voice over and we’ll add a little background music also if needed.
·    Project Review: We save this time for tying up any loose end. Our clients are normally really happy with the first version of their video, but sometimes there are a couple of bits that need to be changed slightly, and that’s ok! If you’re completely happy with things as they are, just let us know and we’ll get the project wrapped up for you.
·     Final Delivery: Ready to start putting your video to use? When you let us know you are happy with the finished product, we’ll send you the download link for the video file in the format of your choice (normally mp4).

We would be really honored, if you could give us a chance and also leave us with an appreciated testimonial and pass our details on to your friends, colleagues and anyone else we could work with in the future.

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