Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Explainer Videos Boost Up High Search Engine Ranking

Any business and the efforts used to make it popular, remains futile unless proper measures are taken to boost up search engine ranking. In this fast paced world, going along with the tide is what is recommended by experts. Apart from other business promotion activities like drafting mailers, blogging and newsletter subscription, Explainer Videos are the most viable methods. In context to this, explainer video is soon acquiring its valuable position and essentially used for optimum ranking.

Explainer Videos Rank Well in Google

Looking into the algorithmic rules of Google and other search engines, there are certain benchmarks that can be achieved to increase the time period, a visitor spends over a website. The SEO should make an effort to decrease the bounce rate. By bouncing rate, we mean the rate at which a visitor comes and leaves the website without any activity. Explainer Videos are something that Google loves and will crawl more sooner than imagined as it can boost visit times by 2 minutes on an average. The usual visit time in a website is 8 seconds approximately. As a result of this boost, the webmaster can expect less bouncing rate of his visitors. Google will then, take note of this rate on the basis of which it will crawl that particular website to assess good ranking.

YouTube Channel

YouTube is the next name with 2nd best ranking it has on Google. Youtube video channels have the potential to drive audiences towards what is being promoted through explainer videos. A well annotated YouTube submission of the explainer video will show the website link of the business that gets promoted. This link will direct potential audience towards the corporate website and consequently increase its ranking. You will be surprised at the rate at which search engines will crawl at active Youtube channels with explainer videos in it.

Explainer Video Sharing in Social Media

Social sharing of anything that tells about a business will make it known among potential viewers. Animated Videos have greater appeal, as it can very well convey the passion of the business. Time and again, it has been the best choice from a layman’s perspective. It is done very easily by implementing plug-ins of social shares just below the Video uploaded on the business website. This will make it easy to share with just a click. Sharing promotional video in Google+ account, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other bookmarking websites will not only make the explainer video popular but will also give it much needed exposure to boost up search engine ranking.

Simply go ahead and maximize your chances to reach to the top of search engine ranking. Online promotional methods like SEM, SEO, Affiliate marketing, PPC, Social media marketing, Blogs and Ezine submissions help you achieve the best position in leading search engines.

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