Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Five Essential Traits of Whiteboard Animation in Explainer Videos

Whiteboard animation for videos is one of the most viable and economical methods used to do advertisement and bring out the sales pitch in the most effective manner. Whiteboard do not encourage fluff and therefore are regarded more realistic in nature.

There are five essential traits of whiteboard animation:-

Animation that is Entertaining

Before finalizing any video, the animator has to ascertain the level at which it provides entertainment to the viewers. The animation industry clings on the fact that the viewer needs entertainment and at the same time a message is being conveyed to him. Whiteboard explainer video stand as a source of entertainment, the moment the animation starts with the sketching until the final character is drawn over a whiteboard. This stands as something which will entertain the viewers.

Greater Flexibility to Market it

Whiteboard animated explainer videos are flexible and adaptive to whatever the subject line or the topic of concentration stands to be. It means that any topic can mould in beautifully with the help of a powerful story line and voice over.

Help Channelize Audience Attention

Due to its creative method of relaying the message through sketching on whiteboard, this animation technique can grab viewer attention by showcasing the art of drawing and writing done through hand motion and is animated accordingly.

Can Narrate a Powerful Message

Narratives are most often ignored for their lengthiness but with whiteboard animation in explainer video, each and every detail of the story is carefully watched for because of its interactive presentation technique.

Properly Explains the Call to Action

The Call to Action (CTA) can turn the sales tide towards you and it is most effective in whiteboard animation. Whiteboard animation can become specific with the ‘Call to Action’ through whiteboard sketching where the message is clearly sent forward through visually appealing drawings and powerful catchy texts.

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