Wednesday, 11 October 2017

‘Call to Action’ in Explainer Videos- Make it Effective

With the advent of motion graphics and whiteboard animation, explainer videos very well adapt the concept of animation which is inter-mingled with intellectual content meant for the target audience. The next important thing is to add an effective ‘Call to Action’ part which usually comes at the end of the video and is regarded as the most crucial and conclusive part. Explainer videos are effective in making a story tell its tale and also bring forth the product of importance thereby making an impact into the world of business promotion with its unique way of storytelling.
There are companies using short length 20 second teasers of most happening corporate videos created by them. These videos are posted in Facebook each month and have enough clickable material, for the clicks to come and incite the viewers to stick to the video. This is a very well thought off strategy, of using short renditions of otherwise long videos, keeping the audience engaged so that they can relate to the CTA at the end.
CTA’s have the capability to drive your potential audience into becoming your business clients. You can include an effective CTA through different ways, to make the audience go for the product and services.
Here are some ways to include ‘Call to Action’ (CTA’s) in videos:-
  • A share button can do the trick and make your videos viral in a snap of time. Implement one and see it do wonders within your ‘Call to Action’ section.
  • Put links targeting your business, which will make it easy for the customer to pay a visit to the website and become ultimate user of your products and services.
  • Clickable annotation towards the end of the textual part of the video or in the contact us frame will help drive traffic to your website.
‘Call to Actions’ can therefore, make the viewer stick to the video and achieve a rate of response from him.

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