Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Whiteboard Animation – A Distinct Style for Better Acclaim

Whiteboard animation can be defined as one that uses a whiteboard and the simple technique of sketching things out through animation that sets the movement of the palm of an arm that does the sketching and writing. Whiteboard are usually in the combination of white and black and it is one rare occasion or out of requirement of client that color may be used in it. In such a case it should not be called a whiteboard anymore. Whiteboard animations have been gaining acclaim lately with certain features that make them distinct from the rest. Have a look at the essential traits given below:-

Mix Animation Styles
It is so easy to mix different methods of animation in a whiteboard video. While you are doing the sketching part you can add any piece of infographic that could be integrated into a doodle sequence of cartoon drawings, allowing you to not just draw the viewer’s attention, but also to convey lots of diverse information in different ways.

Descriptive in Nature
Do you need to add a lot but want it in a video? Whiteboard animation is one that provides ample opportunities to describe the topic in details and present with detailed infographic that goes in beautifully when merged together in whiteboard animation. Since whiteboard reminds of school and learning institutes therefore it becomes quite logical to have details which can be animated and presented accordingly.

Explain Intangible Products and Services
A video is not just about the things you cannot explain otherwise but also for things that are not visual for instance a service offering by a leading conglomerate. By conjuring up a set of images to explain a process or service, this medium can make things far easier to understand. It is because of this that many virtual service start-ups use whiteboard animation to explain their offer.
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