Tuesday, 14 March 2017

3 Big Reasons to Narrate a Story in Your Explainer Video

Narrate an interesting story in your Explainer Video

Storytelling is a thing of yore. We all have grown up listening to stories; as a kid, we very much enjoyed the stories told by grandma. But wait, do you not enjoy listening to stories now. Our choice of stories as adults might have changed, but the fact is that we still enjoy listening to interesting stories. Actually, the human brain is hardwired to attract towards stories.

This is why we see most companies adding the vital element of a story in their business promotional videos or the Explainer Videos. We have listed below three big reasons to narrate a story in your business explainer video:

1)      It makes the video captivating
This is a very important aspect of telling a story in your explainer video. With the falling attention spans online, making the audience watch your video for one to two minutes, without losing attention, is a big challenge. Frankly speaking, nobody likes to look at hard facts and figures related to your business. People don’t have the time and patience to go through the long explanations about your business, and your products and services. But, if you could cleverly weave your products and services into a story and compliment it with animated characters and graphics, it makes for a perfect business promotion explainer video, which people would love to see.

2)      It makes the video unforgettable
Several psychological studies have proved that it is easy for the human mind to remember a story rather than remembering plain facts and information. Stories have an oral tradition that predates the Stone Age, and they are relevant even today. You might have heard or read about several memory techniques that make use of a story to make people remember things such as shopping lists, addresses, names, etc. This is so because your mind has an innate capacity to retain information better in the form of stories. Thus, an explainer video becomes a potent business promotion tool when fused with an interesting story.

3)      It facilitates differentiating your business
It is quite possible that many other people are in the same line of business as yours. In such a situation, you have to have something that differentiates your business; otherwise, you will not be able to beat the competition. Now, USP is a thing to achieve that differentiation factor, but it needs to be a very strong one (like Dominos 30 mins. Pizza delivery), which is not the case with many businesses. If you are a small business or startup, such USP is even hard to define. But, when you have an explainer video with an intelligently crafted story to define your business, you get the opportunity to highlight your business advantages forcefully. This definitely provides you an edge over the competition.

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